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DMR Radio Programming Help

Tytera/TYT MD-380 Help
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Before you Start Programming your DMR Radio

Now you've bought your radio, you'll probably need some help to go live on the network. Start by speaking with your local DMR Repeaters Owners or trustees.

The DMR system is based on a the commercial digital standard and as such, differs from normal analogue equivalents in two important ways.

  1.   In order to access the network and all of its features, the equipment has to be set up correctly using the appropriate manufacturer software and interface. You cannot simply walk into a shop, buy DMR equipment and use it straight out of the box.

    While it is within the capability of an experienced user to program their own gear, we recommend that initially, you ask one of the repeater owners him/her, where they suggest you get a code-plug as a base to start with, This avoids any compatibility problems your radio and to the network.

  2. In order to program your radio, DMR-MARC will provide you with a unique identification number for your Radio. Further information is available here - Request New User DMR ID Number at DMR-MARC, If you have not already done so.

Importantly - please do not attempt to access the network without an ID and please DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN ID. It will be logged on system records, the system will know and it won't work!

DMR Radio Programming Checklist.pdf

Tytra/TYT MD-380 DMR Radio Programming And Help

Programming The MD 380:   Before you start !

1. Have your Radio identification number Handy that you got from DMR-MARC.

2. Make a Backup copy of the code-plug you received or downloaded before you start, in case any thing goes wrong, you will have a good copy.

3. If your Radio did not come with a USB Programming cable, Make sure you have the right cable! The Tytra/TYT MD-380 DMR Radio uses a special Direct USB Cable. No Other Cable will work ! If you use the wrong cable you could damage your Radio.

Before Installing the Programming Software

If you do not have at least Version : v1.30.0 you should Download the latest Version here

MD 380 USB Windows Driver in Separate Zip file here if needed

    MD 380 Screen Icons from left to right
  1. Antenna -> Received Signal Strength
  2. Square with L or H in it -> Low or high power
  3. speaker with an 'x', all system tones are muted.
  4. Circle with the "play" icon inside -> scanning
  5. Right arrow -> Simplex mode, digital
  6. The "shield" indicates non encrypted
  7. Battery Power

mic jack

    Install The MD-380 Software

The MD 380 Uses a direct USB Cable, The USB chip is in the radio, So beware Windows will not detect a USB Device until the Radio Is Plugged in and turned on.

    Programming The Radio

  1. Open the MD-380 software by the icon on your desktop or selecting the start menu.

  2. Download the code-plug from your radio using the "Program > Read data" menu option.

  3. Save a backup of the default code-plug on your computer as "default" using the "File > Save As" menu.

  4.  Use the "File > Open" menu to open the code-plug that you got. Click on "General Setting" on the left side of the screen. Make all of the necessary edits to Radio Name (I use my call), Radio ID (your DMR-MARC number),

  5. Intro Screen (left side bottom of the screen.), Intro Screen Line 1 (Your Name), and Intro Screen Line 2 (Your Call Sign).

  6. Send the code-plug to your radio using the 'Program ' > 'Write data' menu option.

  7. When the CPS software is finished uploading your code-plug, your radio should reboot itself. Unplug the programming cable from your radio and test it to see if it works. If the radio functions with the new code-plug,

  8. Save the copy of the code-plug that you just uploaded to your radio by choosing 'File' > 'Save as' in the MD-380 CPS software. You can name it whatever you like.

After Using 'Your Radio' Some and understand how it works, You Can down load the code-plug from the Radio, and make changes to Button functions, Scanning, Zones etc..... to suite your needs. Do changes in small increments. Also Be sure to save to radio and save a backup each time in case something goes Wrong, you can reload the backup.

More Coming Soon !!

Connect System CS750/751 CS800/801 Programming And Help

Please see the following as a guideline for updating all CS Series radios, HT and Mobile units.


Before you start Programing your Radio, Make sure you have the latest (CPS)Programing SOFTWARE FOR CS750/CS751. Several bugs have been corrected.

CPS SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARE FOR CS750/CS751 - at Connect Systems

[PDF] CS750/CS751 Instruction Manual - Connect Systems

Before you start Programing your Radio, Make sure you have the latest (CPS)Programing SOFTWARE FOR CS800/CS801. Several bugs have been corrected.

CPS SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARE FOR CS800/CS801 - at Connect Systems

[PDF] CS800/CS801 Instruction Manual - Connect Systems

Connect System Programming FAQ

  1. My CS750/CS800 Programming software crashes and says cant open or cant create xlsx files or something like that when I try to import or export contacts.
    To Resolve: The CPS attempts to import/export channels or contacts it requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on the computer.

  2. Trouble Importing Contacts List See


CS800 15 pin Rear Connector, Not Tested, From CS800 Service Manual

Pin No. Name Function Description
VOL_OUT Received audio output
EXT-MIC External MIC signal input
IGN IN Ignition input
4 DEO Received signal demodulation output
EXT_PTT External PTT
Port1 Programmable auxiliary port
Port2 Programmable auxiliary port
8 GND Gnd
9 Port3 Programmable auxiliary port
10 5C DC+5V
11 USB_D- USB-
12 USB_D+ USB+
13  DTMFIO DTMF signal input or output
14 GPS-TXD GPS serial data output
GPS-RXD GPS serial data input