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Maine DMR Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MOTOTRBO or TRBO ?

MOTOTRBO, or sometimes called "TRBO" for short, is the brand name for Motorola's, DMR capable radios.

2. What are Time Slot's ?

There Two Time Slot's On each Repeater witch provide two Voice channels simultaneity , one on each Slot, of the DMR repeater. Talkgroups are designed to subdivide the DMR network Time Slots by geographical area, so that network resources are used efficiently.
In Maine DMR we use Time Slot 2 for the more local Talkgroups (Local, State & Regional) and Time Slot 1 for the larger or more widely distributed Talkgroups, North America & World Wide and 310, 311, 113, 123, Talkgroups.

3. What are Talkgroups ?

Talkgroups are the "channels" offered within each Slot on a DMR repeater. Talkgroups are designed to subdivide the DMR network Time Slots by geographical area, so that network resources are used efficiently.
Our Talkgroups, on time slot 2 are used solely for local traffic, meaning conversations within New England. Talk Groups on time slot 1 are for traffic both within and outside of New England.

4. What's a Color Code?

What's a Color Code? A Color Code is number used to distinguish between adjacent and repeater stations with overlapping coverage, DMR introduces the concept of Color Code 1 to 16. This is very similar to how PL or CTCSS function on analog repeaters.

5. When Should I use Tac310, Tac311 and UA1/UA113 UA2/UA123

Due to the wide geographic area covered by some Talkgroups, extended conversations can monopolize hundreds or even thousands of repeaters. Talkgroups are so designated as they are to be used for calling other people, or announcing that you're monitoring in order to find someone to talk to. Once you've found a party to talk to, please move your conversation to a User Activated talkgroup appropriate to your geographic area.
As a general rule, conversations longer than ten minutes should be moved off of a calling channel and on to a User Activated channel, on world wide talkgroups conversations longer than two minutes should be moved off.

6. Who is NEDECN ?

They are Our (Big Brother), Maine Has Installed Its Own ' C-Bridge ', because NEDECN 's System Is nearing maximum capacity. ' NEDECN ' New England Digital Emergency Communications Network

7. Who is DMR-MARC

DMR-MARC is the group that is coordinating ID assignments world-wide. The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network

8. Can I Make Private Calls On the Network ? (Your id 3123xxx To his/hers id 3123xxx)

You may not make any private calls on any networked slot.
This mode is used on commercial systems to make calls between two radios, from one radio ID to another. As Private Call ties up a timeslot on all repeaters throughout the system and precludes others from using it, it has been prohibited on the Maine system.

You may, however, populate private call IDs in your radio so that a name and call sign will display upon receipt of transmissions from other callers, rather than their radio ID number.

9. Can I make up my own Talkgroups for use just between friends ?

No ! It is the same as above it would be a Private Call. This may even break fcc rules, because the id are not published.

10. Can I Use, Text Messaging, On the Maine Network ?

Yes. Their Seems to be Text messaging compatibly problems between some makes of radios, un-ticking the compress header in your Radio Programming should help with compatibly. Text messaging will use the time slot for a very short time. It is just enough if the sender and the recipient are on repeaters connected to a network (or c-Bridge) that allows text messages between repeaters. Messages are not stored. if the destination radio is turned off, the massage will never be received.

11. Is DMR compatible with D-STAR, System Fusion or NXDN ?

No. These are separate digital technologies and are not compatible with one other.

12. Is DMR compatible with P25 ?

No. P25 is a digital standard used for public safety and is not compatible with DMR.

13. Do I need to purchase a Motorola DMR radio to access the network ?

No: As long as the radio is DMR Tier II complaint, it'll work on our network. Some alternative brand radios are Tytera, Hytera, Connect Systems, Vertex Standard, Tait, Kenwood, RCA, Harris, Kirisun, Simoco, Sepura, and BFDX.
Note: Roaming and Text-messaging, may not work on the system with some alternative brand.

14. Why Do Other Talk Groups Interrupt My QSO ?

See This Excellent Article on Talk-Groups, by Tom Marshall - AA1SM, Click Here for PDF

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